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Snow White Apple Centerpiece: Tempting Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Posted on December 05 2015

Apple orchards and u-pick fruit farms are such a fun part of the Fall/Thanksgiving season. But why let the deliciously fruity fun stop once the snowy season makes its appearance? Here’s a step-by-step table décor idea to bring a little piece of Autumn to your Christmas table.

The historical significance of apples can also weave a deeper meaning for your fruity décor; from the sacred apple of Aphrodite to the less than sacred apple of Snow White, put a playful spin on the forbidden fruit and turn it into a charming centerpiece. Who knows, perhaps at the end of your Christmas dinner you can grab a piece of the mystically decorative fruit and turn it into a refreshing after-dinner snack.

Supplies: Foam topiary form (ball or cone shape), 15-20 small fresh apples or pears, fresh sprig of greenery, florist’s skewers, garden pot, pruning shears or sharp scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Step 1: Secure your foam topiary form into the garden pot. Insert your first floral skewer into foam.

Fruit decoration ideas

Step 2: Cover your foam in fruit décor by pressing the bottom of your apple or pear into the skewer. Remember to evenly space skewers so you can fit as much fruit as possible to completely fill it out.

Fruit decoration ideas

Step 3: Bring the orchard look together by adding in greenery. Boxwood, evergreens, berries, or fresh flowers work best with this design. Take your 2” – 3” long trimmings and gently stick them through all the blank spaces into the foam.

Centerpieces for tables

Centerpieces for tables

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