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Rustic White Pumpkin Décor: A Mountainside Cabin Christmas

Posted on December 05 2015

Spending your Christmas in a sleepy mountainside cabin? Perhaps you’re staying local but still want that rustic, cozy feel for your own little mountainside retreat, within the comfort of your own home. This elegant and simple diy home decor adds a fun, rustic look to your winter lodge Christmas table. This rustic country home decor can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you decide to arrange your floral accents. Pictured are arrangements of earth-toned flowers and foliage. These particular floral arrangements compliment the earthy, wooden tones of a typical charming winter chalet. Depending on what color schemes you prefer, the centerpiece can be spiced up and altered to please your particular taste and used as the inspiration for even more Christmas decorating ideas around the whole cabin!

Supplies: Faux white pumpkin, Styrofoam block, seasonal stems, hot glue, a knife.

Step 1: Cut a circle in the top of your pumpkin, large enough to fit your Styrofoam block in. Squeeze hot glue onto the bottom of the Styrofoam block and secure it to the bottom of your pumpkin.

Rustic white pumpkin decor

Step 2: Arrange your flowers and foliage in your pumpkin. These can be store-bought arrangements, or handpicked branches, pine cones, and flowers from your own yard. Of course, if you use fake foliage, your center-piece will last for many Christmases to come. Start by placing the tallest foliage in the center to give your piece some height. Sprinkle the other elements somewhat evenly throughout the arrangement. It doesn’t need to be perfectly uniform, just keep in mind that people at your dinner table will be seeing it from all angles. Some popular winter foliage include Christmas Holly, Evergreen Winterberry, White Pine, Douglas Fir, and Norway Spruce.

Rustic white pumpkin decor

Don’t forget to dress up your place settings in addition to your centerpiece! Add these simply elegant “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” Holiday Table Napkins to your rustic table décor to really tie the festivity of the table together.

Christmas centerpiece

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