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Antler Décor: Add a Wild Side to your Christmas Table

Posted on December 04 2015

With its rustic, winter edge, this deer antler centerpiece is a unique way to spice up your Christmas dinner table. Its subtle winter forest theme allows the space for this centerpiece to be kept up from November, through the entirety of the Christmas season.

Supplies: Bowl, antlers, pine cones, apples, berry sprigs.

Step 1: Create a base. Find a bowl, pictured is a brass bowl, and use the antlers to add some depth and height to the piece.

Deer antler decor

Step 2: Add your first layer of filler. Keeping with the Winter theme, add some pine cones. They can be added “as-is” or with some extra elements. An easy way to alter your pine cones and infuse some color and holiday cheer into your piece is to apply glue to the outer edges and then sprinkle colored glitter over the glue.

Deer antler centerpiece

Step 3: Next layer of filler. Add a seasonal fruit. Beautifully colored apples add an eye-catching hue that compliments the Fall season well.

Deer antler decor

Step 4: Add in details. Time to add in the small elements that will be the deciding factor on what is emphasized in the piece. Pictured are small snips of berries and the wispy ends of floral stems. You can also add flowers, small pine branches (to highlight the pine cones), beaded strings, scented candles and much more. Sprinkle in some potpourri to add a nice scent. For only $10, get a bag of Cinnamon, Chai, and Citrus Potpourri from Cheryl Saban Designs.

Deer antler centerpiece

Christmas centerpiece

Deer antler centerpiece

Deer antler decor

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