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Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Posted on November 25 2015

Thanksgiving is almost upon us followed by a string of holiday festivities.
The turkey is roasted, the trimmings are ready to be baked, and the table is waiting to be dressed. If you’re still looking for the perfect table centerpiece for your holiday parties, we've got some Fall decorating ideas to inspire your creation!

From decorative mason jar vases to table candle holders to coffee décor, these holiday centerpieces are sure to light up your dining table. 

Today we present to you Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces.
The great thing about this basket décor project is the inherent flexibility in its creation.  Do you want a chrome backdrop with green leafy accents? Perhaps a wicker basket with twigs and gourds is more your style. Mix and match, experiment, and have fun personalizing this crafty table centerpiece.
Supplies: Tray/basket, garland, pumpkins, candles.

Step 1: Pick your backdrop

Whether it be a hand-woven basket, metal-framed tray or wooden tray, this is the step that will dictate the rest of your color scheme and holiday accents. You may not even need to a make a trip to the store for this one. Use a wooden-framed breakfast tray or even a metal-pronged desk organizer that you might already have in your home.

Step 2: Pick your filler

You can find a myriad of Thanksgiving garlands online at a price point of $5 and up. Or, venture into your garden, your front yard, your neighbor’s front yard, whatever gets the job done. Snatch up some sticks, acorns, red and orange leaves, stray branches from your Christmas tree, anything that fulfills your centerpiece vision and distribute your findings throughout your tray. If you’re leaning towards rustic home decor, lace in some burlap ribbon throughout your filler.

Step 3: Pick your centerpiece

Time to choose the main event. Orange pumpkins, gourds, apples, pine cones, the options are endless and totally in accordance with your taste and what you associate with Thanksgiving the most.

If you have a penchant for calligraphy or fine penmanship, maybe a white pumpkin with gold calligraphy reading, “Give Thanks,” “Gobble, Gobble,” etc is what will sit at the center of your creation. This can be easily done with gold or silver sharpies. Make sure you rinse and dry your pumpkin first. Another way to dress up your fruit a bit is by lightly sprinkling some glitter over everything.

Step 4: Pick your illumination. Candle time!

This step can be as simple as buying a few tea lights with glass votives and placing them throughout your garland and pumpkins. Or, if you have mason jars in your cabinets and want to re-purpose them for a week or two, use those as your candle holders.

These would especially highlight a rustic, burlap look. Vanilla scented candles, pumpkin scented candles, and cinnamon scented candles would especially compliment the holiday theme.

*TIP! If you want to start subtly integrating the Hanukkah and/or Christmas spirit into your Thanksgiving feast, place a few of these $10 Christmas Spice Soy Candles or Bright Lights Scented Soy Candles into your arrangement.

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  Stay tuned for more holiday themed table decor ideas coming up every week!

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